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Alternative Private Loan Lenders


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Private alternative loans are designed for students with absolutely no access to any available federal loan options. Similar to the Federal PLUS loan, private alternative loans help fill any gap that exists between other financial aid awards and the total cost to attend. Federal loans, including the Federal PLUS Loan, are almost always more affordable than the terms of a private alternative loan. If you or a parent were deemed ineligible for a Federal PLUS Loan due to adverse credit, you should first seek a credit-worthy endorser for the Federal PLUS loan before pursuing a private alternative loan. For additional information about obtaining a PLUS loan, go to www.studentaid.gov. But if you must seek a private alternative loan, comparison shopping is strongly recommended. We recommend that you compare the terms of two or three loan offers before making a decision.

Harding University's Office of Financial Aid Services will certify private loans for any lender that a borrower chooses. Harding University does not endorse any lender. We do, however, recommend that you evaluate your private alternative loan options carefully, and comparison shop before you finalize your choice of a private alternative loan.

To assist you in narrowing your search for a private alternative loan, Harding makes available a comprehensive listing of all companies that have made one or more private alternative loans to Harding University students or families during the current or prior academic year. Excluded from this list are companies no longer in business, or companies no longer making private alternative loans to students.

Lenders below have issued loans to Harding students. Use these web links to apply. After approval, you will be asked to submit a Self-Certification form to the lender. Go to the "Review My Financial Aid" Award Overview Tab in Pipeline for information needed to complete Section 2 of this form.

*Membership is generally required for a Federal Credit Union (FCU) loan

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